And the winning numbers are….

A wise person or someone with a gambling problem once said – You can’t win, if you don’t play….

I don’t think Clark Howard would approve of using a lottery strategy to pay off my debts but what is a girl to do when the full-time job doesn’t pay ALL of the bills…A few co-workers and I decided we wanted to be like the group of school district employees who have won the lottery twice…Our strategy is simple – WIN…That isn’t fool-proof enough for you?  Well my friends – the lottery is a game of chance…we can come up with strategies…meditate…consult psychic advisers…or pull our numbers out of a hat…but the odds are one in millions…that’s right million with an S…We have our favorite numbers…and some even came from a fortune cookie…but they could be our lucky numbers – one day…

My lottery day dreams take me to a wonderful world where all of my debt – Sallie Mae included – is paid off.  So far we’ve only won  back $18.00 but we play on…

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