Vegan Though You’re Not…

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When I decided to go vegan it’s not a decision that I took lightly…I had always flirted with vegetarianism through my natural likes and dislikes of certain foods…but I had to spend time thinking about what it meant for me to become a vegan…what beliefs I hold…was it the right thing for me physically, socially, ethically and mentally…and how that all fit together…because if I am making a lifestyle change it has to be something believe in…

So what do I believe in?

I believe in the circle of life…in science…in progress…in God…in evolution… And the realization that I came to was all of  those things afford me choice…and even free will…and none mandates me to eat animals…I don’t have a primal urge to go kill my food…any primal instinct in my lineage is long gone…I do believe that humans are omnivores based on certain functions that the human body performs and the need for a few vitamins that aren’t reliably found in plant based foods…whether that was an initial design or an adaptation based on necessity – I’ll leave that to the scientists… but just because my body can digest animal products doesn’t mean it has to do so…I do not live in an area or a time period that vegetation is scarce…there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, spices and even supplements – to give me what I need nutritionally and don’t include hormones or chemicals…It is true that I enjoy food for more than just substance to keep my body functioning…I’ve always known food as a social activity with friends and family, an experiment in taste, and an edible art form… and I was given a brain and two hands to combine all of these wonderful things into something nutritious and delicious…so what I’m given is a choice…to choose not to eat living things…and I make that choice not with vanity, hate or judgment but with an open mind and a loving heart…

They say you shouldn’t talk about religion, money or politics in social situations…apparently dietary choice should be added to the list…in discussing my choice I’ve been given support from close friends and family even if they have little understanding of what it means…and I’ve been asked, “Why?” with innocence and disgust and one friend even seemed a little angry.  Some people may find it different…strange…weird…whatever adjective you want to use for not being status quo…so their reactions are probably how they respond to change and differing opinions in general…I get this…I do…And realize that it isn’t me or veganism that is the problem – It’s their attitude…I don’t feel judgmental about people who choose not to be vegan because it is so personal…so to those who are a little judgy…I say…even though you’re not vegan, I am going to be and I am still me. 

I do tend to sound a little proud when I talk about the foods I’ve learned to make…but that’s because I am…  

To me becoming vegan is an adventure every day…it’s not a burden…nor does it leave me hungry like your average quick fix diet…I’m still learning, growing and building my vegan foundation…I’m not being forced into it nor would I ever force or guilt someone into veganism…and if you’re worried about my B-12 consumption, I take a supplement…and if you wonder what I’ll wear…well there is a wonderful world of clothing out there that is sans animal product and by-product…and then there is the realization that there are some things that are out of my control and all I can do is my part…


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