Green Living: Compost-able Me

I bought a jar that looks like a fire hydrant to keep dog treats in because it looked like a fire hydrant…and what did cartoons teach us?  Dogs like fire hydrants…so you can see how my thought process brought me to my decision…turns out it was a compost jar…I’d like to pretend I knew that straight away but I didn’t…I did keep dog treats in for about a year though…Composting was not part of my life…we recycled…mostly beer cans and wine bottles…any leftover food was thrown out with the garbage…After going vegan and learning a few things…I wanted to do something more than just recycle, put in energy-saving light bulbs and use my own grocery bags (when I remember)…composting came up at some point…I’d love to give credit for my composting but I can’t remember where I caught it…but the more I thought about composting, the more pumped about it I became…so I had to learn how to do it…but now there is a compost jar and a dog treat holding cow shaped cookie jar

Worm composting caught my eye at some point and I knew I just had to try it out.  I did some research…could not find any worms locally… so I ordered a box o’ worms from Home Depot.  Naively, I believed that the worms would come to me in a white foam fishing cooler or the like…the worms would be fat and happy – ready to eat up some scraps…but no they came in a small box….poor worms were hanging out of the box when it arrived…they also look malnourished and a few sadly didn’t make it to their composting destiny…

So I built a composting bin myself out of a plastic bin…so I could raise my worms and maybe start some sort of worm dynasty…

Compost bin – pre drilled holes…must drill holes to drain worm tea…

Then added a damp newspaper bedding for my worms to nest in – the bedding is created by shredding the news paper by hand and then dampening it…

My worm condo…

 Now I must introduce my new worms to their new home.  I’m hoping they will eventually recover from the shock of their journey through the U.S. Postal system.   My composting has begun with some success…my worms seems to be growing…not sure if there are any new worm babies but I’m hoping they continue to thrive.  I’m by far not a composting master but I am learning…

Wormy the worm…

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One thought on “Green Living: Compost-able Me

  1. attemptinggreen says:

    I started mine in February. Have fun!

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