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I was devastated when I thought Whitney was not going to be picked up for a second season…and then I had to experience that intense emotion all over again when the season 2 premiere was delayed.  I am now filled with joy that it will air on Wednesday night instead of Friday night…I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch it on a Friday…but I am saying that it would probably be via DVR on Saturday mornings while I rehydrate…My point is that I watch Whitney and you should too!

Whitney Cummings is my new Carrie Bradshaw/Rachel Green/Kelly Kapowski/Joey Potter…television has always provided me with me fictional solutions to life’s problems in 30 minutes to an hour…I am not even sure I would have made it out of middle school without the wisdom of Zack Morris…

Jessie Spano and her caffeine pill freak out on Saved by the Bell…

Where would I have been without Dawson’s Creek while I was in college…I obviously went to an emotionally stunted high school…

…something dramatic happening on Dawson’s Creek montage…

And the timeless Friends…Nothing gets me through a sleepless night or no pants Sunday like episodes of Friends…

…Ross bringing new life to the word pivot while moving a couch on Friends…

Carrie Bradshaw became my fashion, love and life guru in my early 20s when I wasn’t to lazy for high heels and liked my drinks pink…

…Aiden screaming “You broke my heart!” when Carrie goes to win him back on Sex and the City

Other shows have come and gone…mostly alienating me with weird subplots, untimely deaths (you know who you are L Word and Grey’s Anatomy) but last year along came Whitney…I was instantaneously on board because of my love of the Chelsea Lately show…I’ll admit the first two episodes didn’t have me hooked…but I wanted the show to be great…because I like the cast so I hung on…I think people in their mid to late 20s and early 30s will find most of the situations and conversations hit hilariously close to home…instead of using words that will fail to adequately describe my adoration…below is a scene from my favorite episode of Whitney from Season 1…

Episode 6: Two Broke up Guys

Ok…so that didn’t work out so well..I’ve tried posting the video numerous…times…just click here – Watch the video called Drunken Confessions.  Enjoy.

Just watch it!  Season 2 premiere on NBC tonight at 8:00 PM!

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Taken to the cleaners…

My favorite errand – going to the dry cleaners…actually, it’s picking up my clothes that brings me the most joy. I’m not sure why it gives me an instantaneous high to pick up my clothes…but the errand doesn’t feel like work and I never whine about my extra stop on the way home…it has become a party of my regular routine…It did occur to me one day that I am lucky to have something to dry clean and a reason to have it dry cleaned…At some point in my adolescence taking clothes to the dry cleaners became a mark of success…maybe it was movies and television…an assistant continuously picking up dry cleaning for their boss…well I’m not the boss but I finally have a job where business attire is required…It is a constant reminder that life is good even when itso I make my bi-weekly treck to the dry cleaners to drop off and pick up my clothes all in one day…cash only because that’s how they roll…so if you see a girl with her dry cleaner bag swung over her shoulder with an extra pep in her step…it’s just me picking up my dry cleaning!

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Post Election: Red Face Blue Heart

Exhausted on election night, I fell asleep before the West coast votes were counted, Virginia was won or lost, and before concession/victory speeches were made…I woke up blurry eyed around 3:00 AM…so of course, I wanted to peek to see if the election fairy had come…it took me back to the days of checking grades in law school…All I had to do was log-in to see the results but I was afraid to look…Looking at the screen quickly like the words were going to jump out and bite me!  However, it wasn’t the election results that jumped out and bit me…it wasn’t marriage equality or marijuana legalization that offended me…it was, your word…


I’ve been disgusted…over murder, child pornography, oppression, abuse, carnage, images of war, injustice, pain, genocide, violations of civil and human rights…

Your political preferences are none of my concern…your views are your own…You chose a candidate to back and so did I…You have your opinions, your freedom of speech and expression…it’s how we use them that define us…There are probably issues that neither of us will ever agree on…BUT

How do we expect the generations to come to respect the man chosen as leader of our nation when we use such words to describe one…

President of the United States…as a kid most of us probably dreamed of one day occupying that office…it’s the loftiest of dreams…one which only a few manage to hold on to…and only a few ever experience…my dreams never included being disrespected, disgusted and reviled…whether you’re on the right or the left – blue or red – green or independent…that office…that office is always occupied by someone who dreamed and dared to try…even Honey Boo boo knows who the president is…kids don’t have political parties…they have presidents, congressmen and senators…there is no right or wrong…there is only a man or a woman who took initiative…so please be careful with your words…

I don’t have all of the answers to fix the financial, healthcare, job market problems in America…and likely neither will just one man on either side of the aisle…I am reminded of the phrase – e pluribus unum – Out of many, one…out of many beliefs, religions, states, cities, towns – we become one nation…

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Voting: The Playlist

Today is all about getting out and rockin’ the vote which is why while driving to work listening to the soulful voice of Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men) singing about throwing clothes on the floor and holding me all through the night…I thought to myself…SING IT WANYA…SING IT…because that is hands down one of the best songs ever…and then I thoguht…Ooooohhhhh how about a playlist for the lines at the polls!  Some people are going to have long exhausting waits with hundreds of their friends and neighbors (good and bad)…causing their civic pride to become more like civic doodie…so here are ten twelve songs to keep you pumped, patriotic and smiling!

  1. Voting Rap – Smart Songs
  2. Coming to America – Neil Diamond
  3. Living in America – James Brown
  4.  American Idiot – Green Day
  5. Love of Our Lives – Indigo Girls
  6. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party) – Beastie Boys
  7. Stuck in the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel
  8. What’s Going On? – MTV All-Star Tribute
  9. Waiting on the World to Change – John Mayer
  10. If You’re Out There – John Legend
  11. Freedom – George Michael
  12. Proud – Heather Small

Of course, there are more songs out there but these are the ones I like.  Plus, this is my blog and I approve this message.

Also, if you’re still undecided check out quick like and pick a candidate why don’t ya!!!

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