Post Election: Red Face Blue Heart

Exhausted on election night, I fell asleep before the West coast votes were counted, Virginia was won or lost, and before concession/victory speeches were made…I woke up blurry eyed around 3:00 AM…so of course, I wanted to peek to see if the election fairy had come…it took me back to the days of checking grades in law school…All I had to do was log-in to see the results but I was afraid to look…Looking at the screen quickly like the words were going to jump out and bite me!  However, it wasn’t the election results that jumped out and bit me…it wasn’t marriage equality or marijuana legalization that offended me…it was, your word…


I’ve been disgusted…over murder, child pornography, oppression, abuse, carnage, images of war, injustice, pain, genocide, violations of civil and human rights…

Your political preferences are none of my concern…your views are your own…You chose a candidate to back and so did I…You have your opinions, your freedom of speech and expression…it’s how we use them that define us…There are probably issues that neither of us will ever agree on…BUT

How do we expect the generations to come to respect the man chosen as leader of our nation when we use such words to describe one…

President of the United States…as a kid most of us probably dreamed of one day occupying that office…it’s the loftiest of dreams…one which only a few manage to hold on to…and only a few ever experience…my dreams never included being disrespected, disgusted and reviled…whether you’re on the right or the left – blue or red – green or independent…that office…that office is always occupied by someone who dreamed and dared to try…even Honey Boo boo knows who the president is…kids don’t have political parties…they have presidents, congressmen and senators…there is no right or wrong…there is only a man or a woman who took initiative…so please be careful with your words…

I don’t have all of the answers to fix the financial, healthcare, job market problems in America…and likely neither will just one man on either side of the aisle…I am reminded of the phrase – e pluribus unum – Out of many, one…out of many beliefs, religions, states, cities, towns – we become one nation…

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