I was devastated when I thought Whitney was not going to be picked up for a second season…and then I had to experience that intense emotion all over again when the season 2 premiere was delayed.  I am now filled with joy that it will air on Wednesday night instead of Friday night…I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch it on a Friday…but I am saying that it would probably be via DVR on Saturday mornings while I rehydrate…My point is that I watch Whitney and you should too!

Whitney Cummings is my new Carrie Bradshaw/Rachel Green/Kelly Kapowski/Joey Potter…television has always provided me with me fictional solutions to life’s problems in 30 minutes to an hour…I am not even sure I would have made it out of middle school without the wisdom of Zack Morris…

Jessie Spano and her caffeine pill freak out on Saved by the Bell…

Where would I have been without Dawson’s Creek while I was in college…I obviously went to an emotionally stunted high school…

…something dramatic happening on Dawson’s Creek montage…

And the timeless Friends…Nothing gets me through a sleepless night or no pants Sunday like episodes of Friends…

…Ross bringing new life to the word pivot while moving a couch on Friends…

Carrie Bradshaw became my fashion, love and life guru in my early 20s when I wasn’t to lazy for high heels and liked my drinks pink…

…Aiden screaming “You broke my heart!” when Carrie goes to win him back on Sex and the City

Other shows have come and gone…mostly alienating me with weird subplots, untimely deaths (you know who you are L Word and Grey’s Anatomy) but last year along came Whitney…I was instantaneously on board because of my love of the Chelsea Lately show…I’ll admit the first two episodes didn’t have me hooked…but I wanted the show to be great…because I like the cast so I hung on…I think people in their mid to late 20s and early 30s will find most of the situations and conversations hit hilariously close to home…instead of using words that will fail to adequately describe my adoration…below is a scene from my favorite episode of Whitney from Season 1…

Episode 6: Two Broke up Guys

Ok…so that didn’t work out so well..I’ve tried posting the video numerous…times…just click here – Watch the video called Drunken Confessions.  Enjoy.

Just watch it!  Season 2 premiere on NBC tonight at 8:00 PM!

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