Challenge Accepted

You know how on How I Met Your Mother – Barney randomly accepts challenges that no one actually gives him…

Well that is where I find myself today…I accepted my own challenge to listen to the unabridged Les Miserables before the film is released on Christmas day…People always want to finish the book before they see the movie…so then I guess they can complain about how the movie is nothing like the book and how the screenwriters, directors and producers screwed up…but that will not be me…I just want to pay the author and this classic the respect it deserves…I’ve tried reading the unabridged text on and off but I’ve never dedicated the time like I should.  It is an incredibly long book…However, the first time I saw the Dream cast perform on PBS I was hooked…

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I wanted to be Eponine on Broadway…So she dies at the barricade and doesn’t get the guy…she has the best songs…plus Lea Salonga has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard…when I saw the trailer for the new film…again I was captivated by the voices and the music of Boublil and Schonberg….

The unabridged audiobook is 57 hours…I’m probably only a quarter of the way through…with only ten days left until Christmas there are those with doubts (Patty)…but it will be done…

Let’s pause for a moment to enjoy another clip from the movie….

The fact that everyone sang live and that there will be no songs dubbed in…well that is just amazing…there have been film adaptations of Les Miserables before but I am confident that this will be the best yet.  I’ll update on my progress and on anything French I decided to do to prepare!

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One thought on “Challenge Accepted

  1. yay i’m mentioned in this post. rockin!

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