Everything you thought is in a box to the left…

Sometimes I read the things people write to others on social media sites and am instantly appalled…I go through a laundry list of things in my head to say…but very rarely do I comment because I don’t want to be a part of the problem…people who find it easy to say/write horrible things are usually fueled by any attempt at rational conversations…I read something today that I can’t get out of my head…and maybe because I’ve read similar posts…and even had similar things said to me…


I really didn’t know who Chely Wright was until earlier this year…I listen to country music but not consistently…Luckily, I have a person in my life that keeps me current on most things country music related (Thank you Lisa!)…It wasn’t Chely’s music that captivated me though it was her documentary…Her story touched me…her honest and heart wrenching decision to come out struck a chord…I understood where she was coming from…and of course, her music from Lifted Off the Ground turned out to be just as moving…I bought her CD and followed her on Twitter…I wanted to learn more about this interesting lady…

As I read the twitter comment…my first thought was how effing prejudiced, homophobic and cruel can one person be…you get the idea…I’ve had a friend say something with a similar sentiment to me for my change in political views…But if I stop and think before I react…I realize I feel sorry for this person…You cannot put people in a box…it’s impossible to know every nook of a person you know…let alone someone you only know of because of their celebrity status…Chely Wright was always going to be the person she is…she just revealed more parts to the world…This person has Chely Wright in a box that is self-created of what a country singer lady is supposed to be like…there is no room in the box for all of Chely Wright’s parts…It’s interesting that what we perceive as personal growth some people see as losing your path…It continually boggles my mind that people find something to dislike about equality, inclusion and compassion…it’s strange that people fear and loathe an open heart and an expanding mind…

Aren’t we meant to evolve as people…the planet evolves with little hiccup…aren’t we meant to do the same?  And whatever happened to embracing differences and learning from each other?  Maybe some people fear other’s beliefs because they think it puts their own at risk…or makes them vulnerable…I am usually up for a new way of seeing things…I have surrounded myself with people who teach me every day…and I think that’s because my foundation is strong…I know who I am and what I believe…there is no need to demean or dismiss differing views…it may not change my mind but maybe I’ll get a new perspective…

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