A new year…

Day 7 and I’m finally ready to start the new year…in words…Today is the first Monday of the new year so the new year really started today?  Am I right?


While what is to come in 2013 is yet to be seen, the days, weeks and months of 2012 have passed…its mysteries revealed…The well intentioned resolutions for 2012 were about promises to love, to be honest, to be open, to be kind, to be proud, to let go of past wrongs, to improve, to do, to act, to achieve…


The little blue box contained all of the wishes, hopes and promises for 2012.  Though I couldn’t remember every one, a few stuck out to me and were constantly on my mind throughout the year.  The goals met and resolutions kept were tossed in to the fire in celebration.  After every slip was read, only a few items were left unfulfilled…


One resolution was even accomplished on New Years Day…

IMG_1602If you had told me that I would be running a 5K on New Years Day morning instead of nursing a wicked hangover, I would have laughed at you and not with you…I didn’t run the whole thing but I am getting closer with every run.

The goals, resolutions and commitments that remain in the little blue box get a second go this year…along with new entries for this new year…Happy New Year…Cheers!

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