Happy Blogiversary

I started this blog on the 2nd day of 2012…my intention was to chronicle the lengths I would go to and my attempts to pay off my law school loans because I was sure it was going to be comical…and I was sure that I’d have tons of time to work extra gigs and such…but turns out that there aren’t that many hours in a day…I did try my hand at being a part-time process-server, a recreation assistant for seniors and even some personal assistant work…I played the lottery…entered sweepstakes contests…filled out store surveys offering cash prizes but to no avail…so I quickly grew bored with my personal tragedies…and moved on to the fun things in life-like – vegan food, music and sharing life’s little moments…the name “Vegan Though You’re Not” really came from an angsty place…a friend was really negative about my choice to go vegan and it really frosted my vegan cookies…so my blog was reborn!  I’m not sure that friend even knows the blog exists or that I was even bothered by her words…and that’s OK because I think the blog has surpassed its angst ridden ways…hopefully it has improved my creative writing skills which have been sorely lacking the last few years due to that four-year stint using only legalese…I wouldn’t say I am the world’s most consistent blogger…vowing to do better will do me no good…it will serve to only ensure that I stop blogging all together…so I resolve to be happy with what I’ve created!

One milestone – I did get almost 200 hits one day because Chely Wright retweeted a post I wrote…my first celebrity retweet too!


I look forward to sharing more…Thank you for reading…

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