What to do with all this plastic?

As I sit here inspecting my CD collection to trade in at the local FYE, I realize that this collection has been growing since middle school …which was before CD players came standard in cars…I stopped buying CDs a few years ago…uploaded the one I have to my ITunes library but have yet to part with them…CDs aren’t as cool as vinyl and I’m doubting anyone would Ooooh and Ahhhh over my mountain of shiny plastic cases…especially since it contains such gems as Nick Lachey’s Soulo and The Cutting Edge soundtrack…But as I sit here reflecting on my music taste through the years, I pause to question how I would store all of these in my car if blue tooth audio didn’t exist…


My inspection has only yielded me about 20 odd CDs to trade-in…the observation that I have made is that any CD I bought before my IMG_2297ability to drive a car and after the invention of the IPod…is in near perfect condition…Unfortunately, changing CDs in a car was about as safe as texting and driving…just picture pressing the eject button slipping that CD between your lips while you open the next case while keeping one hand on the wheel and eyes on the road…it was a messy situation…little round discs flying every which way…so most of those got tossed in the seat or on the dashboard…Sure they invented that little visor storage system but you had to stare up at the visor to see the titles and sticking them back in while driving was near impossible…My Pieces of You by Jewel is scratched and smudged so it skips when played…those scratches and smudges remind me of my freshman year of college….sitting in Amber’s dorm room singing Foolish Games at the top of my lungs…the broken cases and worn out jackets let me know that this music was listened to over and over again…taken from car to house to dorm room to friend’s house and beyond…The DC Talk album Jesus Freak is in the worst condition…but it got me through college and my twenties…Pulled out when all hope seemed lost and I needed to find my way back to center….

Music has always been my safe space and emotional outburst…I still make mix CDs and I check ITunes on Tuesday mornings like a kid on Christmas for new music.  My stroll down my musical memory lane has given me a few hidden treasures…I will be listening to Garth Brooks before they day’s end.  Only one question remains….

What do I do with all of this plastic?

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