Doggie Date Night – Dedicated to Stella

Poe and her sista from another mist Malli!

Stella and her sista from another mista Malli!

Wednesday night has been deemed Doggie date night in my house….It started a year or more ago when LC was working most Wednesday nights…The dogs and I would have dinner together, watch some TV and have special treat…just some alone time with my two fur kids…LC doesn’t work too many Wednesday nights anymore so we’ve welcomed her to our special night.

IMG_1326Originally, I tried watching an animal themed moved like Beverly Hills Chihuahua but they felt I insulted their intelligence….so now we watch Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU.  As I type, I’m listening to Poe drink out of his bedside cup, yes, I typed cup…the dog likes a big cup to drink out of at night…Sasha is piled up in her bed fast asleep no doubt exhausted from her busy schedule of napping on her two different beds and the many rugs in the house…

IMG_1327Poe is a rescue dog – neglected and then tossed aside by someone…for no reason that would ever be good enough to forgive in my eyes…When he arrived at my house…he had no hair, mange and was under weight…Four months old…and didn’t know a day without hunger or feeling afraid…the first few months he and I bonded over warm antibiotic baths…and doses of medicine with meals.  His life is much different…he’s fat, happy and usually sprawled out on a piece of furniture…like he’s king of the castle.  I can’t imagine life without him and Sasha girl…I am lucky to have two healthy fur kids!

The past two weeks I’ve been following the story of my friend Libby’s rescue puppy Stella – a very cute and tiny white boxer baby…Unfortunately, Stella’s health problems cannot be fixed with baths and simple antibiotics…she’s already had one surgery and has had to spend much of her time at the animal hospital…Her young life hasn’t been easy…but Libby has opened her heart, house and wallet for this rescued baby…but the amazing thing about rescue dogs is that they rescue you right back…the feeling looks a lot like when the Grinch’s heart grows…I’m posting the link to Stella’s You Caring site that has been collecting donations to cover costs since last week.  As Stella still fights the good fight the bills are mounting up quickly…I know I wouldn’t be able to afford this kind of care on my own…so if you find yourself reading my blog…check out Baby Stella’s page. You can also now find Stella on Facebook – Help Stella Get Her Groove Back!


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