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Debt – The Meaning

debt [det]


1.      Something that is owed or that one is bound to pay to or perform for another: a debt of $50

2.      A liability or obligation to pay or render something: My debt to her for advice is not to be discharged easily.

3.      The condition of being under such an obligation: His gambling losses put him deeply in debt.

4.      Theology. An offense requiring reparation; a sin; a trespass.

In the past few years that word [debt] has taken on significant meaning in global and domestic economies…major companies have even had to be bailed out of their debt by the government…the mortgage industry has been hard hit because of individuals not being able to pay their debt.  Debt touches almost everyone’s lives in a monetary way – credit cards, private loans or school loans, etc…the weight of debt can begin to wear on the most mentally healthy people…and turn them into “desperate times call for desperate measures” kind of people…the comforting thing about monetary debt is that there is a finite amount attached to it…It may take years to pay but there is some satisfaction in watching that number begin to drop and eventually become $0.00…..BUT

There are some debts that could never possibly be paid…some because you are so grateful that no words, gifts, moentary sum or sacrifice to the gods would be enough to pay off that debt…it’s the kind of debt that changes you…like Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables when he vows his life to God after the Bishop tells a police officer that he gave JVJ the stolen silverware and candlesticks…JVJ goes on to live a life “paying it forward”…The Bishop didn’t expect anything in return but hoped that he had made a difference…and then there are those debts that can never be paid because the offeror, giver, benevolent soul (sarcasm intended) – can never be satisfied…In these situations, where friend, family or stranger reaches out a hand – repayment, a thank you and appreciation should be sufficient but for some reason they feel the need to remind you all the time how selfless they are…I was watching Grey’s Anatomy over the weekend and a situation arose between 2 sisters…one needing a liver transplant and the other donating…the donating sister just could not shut up about it…the sister receiving the piece of liver became so annoyed she didn’t even want it any more…who can blame her…receiving a liver, kidney or heart – well that’s priceless…all parties just have to come to that conclusion…give with a pure heart, receive with an open heart…

Sometimes it’s hard to know when the debt is paid…with a bank or a credit card company – after they get their pay off – reminders of your debt immediately cease…they look forward to working with you again (well most of the time)…As I’m working on paying my debts…I am trying to be mindful that I do not make anyone feel indebted to me…

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