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Taken to the cleaners…

My favorite errand – going to the dry cleaners…actually, it’s picking up my clothes that brings me the most joy. I’m not sure why it gives me an instantaneous high to pick up my clothes…but the errand doesn’t feel like work and I never whine about my extra stop on the way home…it has become a party of my regular routine…It did occur to me one day that I am lucky to have something to dry clean and a reason to have it dry cleaned…At some point in my adolescence taking clothes to the dry cleaners became a mark of success…maybe it was movies and television…an assistant continuously picking up dry cleaning for their boss…well I’m not the boss but I finally have a job where business attire is required…It is a constant reminder that life is good even when itso I make my bi-weekly treck to the dry cleaners to drop off and pick up my clothes all in one day…cash only because that’s how they roll…so if you see a girl with her dry cleaner bag swung over her shoulder with an extra pep in her step…it’s just me picking up my dry cleaning!

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